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Every week Deliverance Evangelistic Centers of Georgia, Inc. televises programs of faith across the world via the internet. If you would like to watch this exciting, life-changing program, click below:

"Blessed" Pastoral Sunday August 22, 2021‚Äč

We Are In Our Father's Hand

Pastoral Sunday Service

Seeds Of Your Belief

Divine Guidance

Abide in God and Let His Word Abide in You

Control Your Tongue Or It Will Control You

Live With A Steadfast Spirit

What Will You Do With Jesus?

God Of A Second Chance

It's Harvest Time

Men's Night in Annual Convention 2018

"Prayer Will Change Things"

Unite Your Heart With God

Experience A Spiritual Rebirth

Higher Level Faith

A Godly Woman

God Is Still Speaking

Use Your Tools

Pastor Moore's 2018 Anniversary

Pastor Pierce Moore, Jr. March 11, 2018

Pastoral Day February 25, 2018

What Must I Do To Do The Work The Lord Requires

Trust God And Keep Moving In Faith

God's Watchful Care

Your Drought Is Over

Courageous Decision

What is Faith?

Spiritual Growth Comes When Faith Is Cultivated

A Divine Connection With Wisdom

Put On The Newness Of Christ

A New Unity

Elevate Your Mind

Hidden Power

God is Sovereign Over the Kingdom of Men

SDC Christmas Morning Service 2016

Hold Faithfully To The Truth

Counting The Cost

How To Stand In The Gap Thru Intercessory Prayer

Why Would You Want to Stay in Darkness?

Clean Heart

Authorized User

Oh, How I Love Jesus

There Is A Lesson In Your Blessing

Defeating Temptation

We Are In Our Father's Hand

The Power of Your Words

Little By Little

Look Unto To Me And Be Saved

The Wisdom of God

The Latter Rain

Between Me and God

It's A New Season

Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

Anchored In The Mist Of Adversity

Lean On Me

Like A Tree

Redeeming The Time

Get To Know Him Better

God Is A Keeper

I Am Blessed and Highly Favored

Stay Out Of Dry Places

We've Come This Far By Faith

Faith Will Get The Job Done

Pure Vision

God Is Our Source (Part 2)

God Is Our Source (Part 1)

Faith Triumphs Over Doubt

Fully Equip

Covenant Love

I Recommend Jesus

Rest in the Lord

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

To God Be The Glory

Be Steadfast

What Will It Take To Change Your Heart?

Our Father Knows Best

You Are Precious In God's Sight

No Bill

He Didn't Bring Me This Far To Leave Me

What is Truth?

The Advantages of Adversity

Blessed Because Of You